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1untary work --- Animal Protection

Last year, we went to AnYi animal protection base as a whole association for protecting animals during the holidays of National Day.

The whole base is located in the suburb, far from the city center, and we need to take 1-2 hour bus and walk for a while to get there. 

    When we first arrived at the base, I cannot believe so many adorable animals live in this unsanitary environment! They stayed together, barking at us for welcoming “strangers”, and all the behaviors showed that they were nervous and uncomfortable.

    After putting off our packages, our leader distributed work for each individual. My job was cleaning the place where dogs live in. Initially, I was quite nervous since I was afraid that dogs would run towards me and bite me once I got in. However, the reactions of dogs really surprised me. They wagged tails, put out of their tongues, and it seemed they knew we were here to help them, and hence they showed their kindness. Suddenly, I realized these dogs are lives as well, just like we humans, and they also have emotions, they will judge you based on your behaviors and attitude. Besides, they will react depending on their judgment. I tried to calm them down by stroking their heads, and one of my classmates just talked to them directly because he thought dogs can understand what he was talking about.

    I got a broom, and stared to sweep the floor. There was much excrement on the floor and it was not easy for me to stand the disgusting smell. I even found insects enjoying their meals right inside it! I thought about workers who take care of dogs everyday, and I thought what make them persist in this job is the heart of loving animals and the spirit rather than salaries.

    I really appreciated the founder of the base and the workers here. All the animals here were abandoned by others and adopted by them, and some of them even lacked legs owning to car accidents. But they survived by the help of the founder, workers and people from all walks of life as volunteers. Maybe the strength of each individual is so tiny that can be simply ignored, but the great effect which is led to by the sum of the strength will make a huge difference in our daily life.


2、 Voluntary work -- history museum commentator

     I have to say that this job is quite challenging and requires lots of effort and knowledge, but it is also the most significant one among all the voluntary works I have been tried and done. As volunteers, we were supposed to memorize the script which was given by the formal worker, and be able to present clearly it in front of the public, so that they can better understand what happened in each historical period and the meanings of each items that were displayed.

     When we arrived at the museum, the first thing we need to do was getting familiar with the layout of the museum, and it really took some time. Actually I felt nervous before starting since this was the first time I applied myself to explain some professional knowledge to many strangers as well as I was afraid that they might ask some strange questions which I cannot answer.

     I did not do well in the first time. Sometimes my brain was even blank and I just made up some data and stories by myself. Of course my audience did not realize that, and I felt so sorry after the first turn. However, I still felt proud of myself, I really got people’s attention and they all concentrated on what I was saying at that time. Several audiences were so surprised when they knew I was just a high school student.

     There is a saying “practice makes perfect”. After the first turn, I and my partner summarized our drawbacks and gave advice to each other about how to improve the quality of the presentation. Then we started the second turn, then the third turn...... We got more and more confident, and I did not feel nervous or present something wrong anymore.

     To my opinion, what we must experience to get progressed is facing directly our fears and finding some ways to solve the problems. Escape does not make any situation better. What ‘s more, you refuse the chance to improve yourself. We also need to make advantage of chances to do voluntary work since that’s the time when we can accumulate social experience and put theory into practice. It’s a good way to repay the society with our kindness and appreciation, and maybe we can even find our interest during the process of working!

2luntary work -- Blood Donation Station

    But by doing this voluntary work, I found that this is the most interesting job I have ever done since we can learn many knowledge about blood as well as the policy about donating blood. Besides, we met a variety of people with totally different personalities, which provided an opportunity to get in touch with the society deeply.

Before going to the station, my mother worried about me. I promised to her that I would take good care of myself.

Firstly We helped the formal worker arrange the desk and put documents on it, then we sat down and tried to attract people’s attention. During the process, we realized that the reason why people are afraid of donating their blood to others is that they do not have awareness of that. Some people even got angry and shouted at us when we invited them to know more about blood donation and benefits they would get if they donate their blood. Later, one of the workers told us that actually donating blood is not as harmful as people think, and it can be beneficial due to there is much waste in our blood, and hence donating blood is able to help us get rid of those waste.

In addition, the workers must examine the content of the blood before drawing blood. They took a small amount of blood, then put the container into a machine and wait for the result. What was the most scary was, they found the destructive viruses in one’s blood, which means he should go to the hospital immediately!

I still remember that it was extreme hot that day, but they were so many people who walked by the station, then they were persuaded by us and applied themselves to repay the society. What the most impression part was, a husband sitting on the sofa, looked at the needle without fear and smiled at his pregnant wife, while his wife was smiling at him as well. Happiness was shown on their faces, and I was deeply moved because when most people try to avoid troubles and risks, there are still a small amount of people donating themselves even though they know it is risky since they know they can find happiness and joy inside it.



The reflection of volunteering in this summer

“Don’t give up roses because your goodness is small” is one of the important things I learnt this summer. Since I have to accomplish the task of school that in one term finishing 40-hour volunteer work. So in this summer vacation, thanks to my mother’s help and blood donation club, I went to lots of place to volunteer and had many impressive experiences.

One of the most impressive experiences is that there are many times that I went to blood donation station. First time that I went to a meeting room which lied in the Honggutan police office to help nurses to maintain order since numerous policemen came to donate blood in order to publicizing the Role and Significance of Voluntary Blood Donation in the society and also accomplish the task of blood donation. From this experience I learnt the significant role of people’s police. Second time that in street blood donation station, for it is not the formal station, that led to the number of people that donate blood was few, and in 5 hours there are only 5 people to donate and even one of them came there to measure his weight originally. There are still 4 people to volunteer to do it. I saw that some people have little awareness to help patients who need an amount of blood, but others are very willing to donate blood to help them from it. From those unforgettable things I also found out the significance of becoming a volunteer and nurse, which can be summed up in this famous quote, “Light a lamp for others, illuminate others, and also illuminate yourself.”

From those experiences, I understand the reason why my school ask us to complete the 40- hour volunteering, which may influence the rest of our lives. And also thank for reading my reflection of volunteering in this summer!

(Work cite:Both “Don’t give up roses because your goodness is small” and “Light a lamp for others, illuminate others, and also illuminate yourself.” come from



Feeling after the volunteer work

In this year's study, I used my spare time to do 40 hours of volunteer work, and for this year, most of work I did was about medical treatment. For example, I volunteered at a blood donation station, I worked as a hospital guide in the first affiliated hospital of Nanchang university, also learned some first aid knowledge, and did some work in our community.

I've been doing medical volunteer work all year, not only because I'm interested in medicine, but also because I want to bring warmth to patients who are in trouble. When I was in blood donation station, I usually publicized the benefits of blood donation to passers-by and taught them some knowledge about blood donation. When I volunteered in hospital, the people around me were in a hurry. Most of them came to see the doctor from other places, so they had no idea about the hospital. My job was to answer their questions and help them as much as possible in some trivial matters.when they needed my help, I would tell them patiently and even accompany them.At the same time, I also learned from doctors and nursesabout their care and how they take care of patients, as well as their busy day-to-day work.It also made me realize how difficult it is to be a medical worker.

As a volunteer, while helping others, it is also self-help. While making other lives brilliant, volunteers can also get ideological sublimation, learn to communicate with others, learn to care for others, and also have a deeper understanding of life.Moreover, volunteer activities also provide me with an opportunity to contact the society and to exercise myself.

Most of my volunteer work during this school year was about medical care, so it helped me understand life better. But in the future, I hope I can do more different volunteer services, such as going to the countryside to teach, to the museum to explain, or to the library to help. I also hope to undertand the work from all walks of life and meet all kinds of people.














(六)高二中加3班李涵孜 Artemis

1Voluntary work --- Guidance of medical conference

The volunteer work I participated is a medical conference held in a hotel where a lot ofmedical experts from China gather there and share their experience. Growing up in a family of doctors, I am really interest in such conference. So, I signed up to work as a volunteer and wanted to learn more about doctor through this activity.      

In this volunteer activity, my job is to maintain the order of the meeting, and help the expertswho are not familiar with the hotel. There are so manybranch meeting places where different lectures were held, so it took us some time tobe familiar with orientation. Seeing the happyface of experts who were helped by me, I felt that all my efforts were worth it. Another challenging thing for me is to help the experts who just got here to sign in, because most of them came here in groups, and the updating of the list online may become disorganized easily. To prevent this situation , I had to be very careful checking the names of thearriving people.

 Although the volunteer work I did this time made me feel really tired, because we started at about 7.30 in the morning and finished until late at night. but everyone devoted themselves with greatest enthusiasm without complain. Such intensive work really let me realize that every job is not easy, and I had to work as hard as I can for reaching my goal.


2Volunteer work in the museum

I still remember that my parents took me to the museum and we justgave a hurried and cursory glance at the relics in the exhibition hall at that time. As a person who is indigenous to Nanchang city, I signed up for the museum explanation activity to have a deeper understanding about the culture of my city.This free lecture in the museum was my first volunteer activity other than the volunteer activity provided by the school. Since this service is open to all tourists, it not only improved my cultural connotation,but also enriched my holiday life by knowing people of different ages and occupations.

Since our mission was to explain China's latest major discovery in the provincial museum, the tomb of Haihunemperor,which has so many tourists with the special intention ofthese relics, we must try our best to provide the best explanation service, so we spent about a week for preparation. From the beginning, I knew nothing about the stories behind each relic, and was even not familiar with all the exhibition halls of the museum,but now I have benefited a lot from learning about the cultural background and knowledge of the emperor,becoming more interested in volunteer work.

I have to say that although we were well prepared , I still felt really nervous before my first explanation, but after getting start, I found that all of the viewers here were listening carefully on what I said which made me feel less nervous, and they were satisfied about my explaining service. And by trying time after time, I became more and more familiar with the explanatory manuscript and became more and more relaxed when facing the viewers. I really understood that No matter what field of work I am engaged in, I will get what you pay for, and only through continuous learning, accumulation and practice can I be competent for them.

Our hard word was also recognized by the museum staff, who gave us their phone number and told us that we were welcome to be the docent at the museum at any time. So, after this activity, we also went to museums for many times, and these experiences expanded my knowledge, and taught me how to deal with people. so I will participate in more activities like this to improve myself.