Andrea Contrevida

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课程:Grade 10 Drama

      Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Andrea Contrevida from the Philippines. I am currently teaching Drama 10 here in Nanchang No. 2 High school.I have been in education for 11 years, having taught at all levels teaching English from Prep to University. I spent most of my teaching career with University students here in China. My teaching experience taught me to be more compassionate, warm, caring and kind to students. I developed the skill in adapting to students’ diverse learning styles and committed myself in providing an efficient and effective learning environment. As a professional educator here in China, I became more accustomed to working in a multicultural environment and strengthened my social skills. 

I enjoy traveling,cooking, watching theatre plays, singing and dancing. Looking forward for a more blessed and fun life here in Nanchang no.2. 

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